Monday, June 16, 2014

Olaf HTV on Chevron Bow

Olaf hair bows

This is my first try at layering HTV.  I used pieces of HTV that a friend gave me so I don't know what kind it is but I choose a glitter white, a black, and two oranges. Well I decided that the 2 nd orange piece was too small so I just used one.

 This is how I laid out my pieces. I placed the mouth on the white layer since I was placing it on top of the black layer. I remembered to mirror the image on this but my first try on a shirt I forgot that step.
 My pieces cut and weeded.
 I placed and ironed the black, then the white and then the orange.
Finished bow.
 This is my first try on my daughters shirt. The file can be found here. You can check out all the files on PPbNDesigns.comImage 1

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