Monday, September 1, 2014

Nail Decals

Well it is Monday morning again and I have a cute idea to dress up your nails. Choose any of the PPbN files that have a simple shape and turn them into a nail decal. This bat is from Harvest Moon file. I choose to make different sizes to see what would work best on each nail. I know that the largest I can go is 1/2 inch and the smallest most things will cut well is 1/4 inch so I try to stay in those sizes. The bats cut really well and were easy to weed.        

 The footballs were from the Super Bowl Sunday file, but there are several other places to find a football. After cutting vinyl and weeding the design I use a set of sharp tweezers to put on my nails and then I use a clear coat of polish over the nail. These stay on really well and I usually have to pick them off when I an done with the design.

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