Monday, September 15, 2014

Halloween Candles

Good morning it is Monday again and I am still doing Halloween decorations for my home. I decided to show you two different candles done with the same file one layered and the other printed.
 For the first candle I printed on tissue paper the PNG image from the file Scary Haunted House. I taped the tissue paper onto a piece of regular typing paper and printed. After I had the image I cut away the extra tissue paper and wrapped the design around a regular wax candle. I used a hair dryer to heat the tissue paper and candle until the tissue just soaked up the wax and became part of the candle. I added a bow and that candle was finished.The second candle is a flameless candle from Wal-Mart so for this one I used vinyl. I sized the images down a bit to fit my candle and cut only the black layer for the house and tree. I transferred them to the candle with transfer tape. I decided to use the Harvest Moon for this one because I love the bats. I layered my moon and bats and placed them on my candle. So easy and quick.

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  1. Great project! Love that you did the same design two ways. Definitely trying this.


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