Monday, January 5, 2015

Valentine Vintage Polaroid revo lip balm holder

I left the bottom part of the camera not glued and added the rectangle piece to stamp my sentiment.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas season. I have been under the weather but I am feeling better now. I have seen a lot of these holders on FB so I decided to give one a try. Any file that you can make a circle hole will work. This is the Valentine Vintage Polaroid file that I just resized the middle hole and made the hole go all the way through all layers. The lip balm is from the Dollar Tree store.
 I got rid of some of the layers and I decided not to use the middle white layer in this picture.

 The hole I needed for the lip balm was 1.1. I chose the hole on the second layer to make this size. I felt that there was too many layers for the lip balm to go through so I made all the rest of the layers a larger hole 1.374. To get the hole in the same spot on each layer I copied the larger hole 4 times and placed the layers on top of each other where they belonged, added the circle and grouped the two pieces, added the next circle and moved the grouped layer out of the way. Repeated this until each had a hole.


  1. OMGosh! I love this Jan! I've just recently heard about these lip balm holders and I think they are so cute! Great job :)

  2. I definitely need to make these for my daughters. So cute and I love the camera.


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