Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Felt Fun

Hey beautiful creative friends! I'm really excited to share a project with you today that I made for my girlies. I need to go back to the store and buy more felt because they used it all lol but here is a sneak peek on something I feel like I might be making a TON more of in the near future...

 I know the first two pictures are blurry but I really didn't want to tell her to stop playing so that I could get a good picture. ;) I knew you all would understand. 
 I used the files Dolphin & Killer Whale but I kinda wish I would have made...
a treasure chest
star fish
a pineapple
cloud fish
a rock with a mermaid
Okay my less than stellar creative mind didn't think of those ideas they all came from that adorable little 8 year old playing with her new felt board. 
I hope you all enjoy our fun felt board. If you want to make your own keep reading for directions...

Purchase and download the Dolphin & Killer Whale sets (or any set you want really). Now what you when you import your svg files into your software is take out all of the smaller pieces. You won't need them. I kept only the main dolphin back "shadow" layer and the two pieces from the killer whale including the "shadow" layer as well as the upper killer whale cut. I used some really cheap scrapbook paper from one of those packs that you can buy at Michael's. It's really thin so this is a great type of paper to use for a template. Then I pinned the template down onto felt and cut around the outside. For the killer whale I just clipped a piece of the inside out then cut the rest. For the eyes I just used a black sharpie. I'm thinking "quiet book" so keep checking back to see what happens with that! ;) 

Happy Crafting Friends

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