Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wedding Shower Card

Good morning everyone :) The sun is shining out my window which made for a perfect opportunity for me to get out and snap a few photos of what I was playing with yesterday.  I needed to cut one of my designs to see how it was going to cut before I decided on how I was going to finish it.  My new Bride and Groom set (the rest of the wedding party will be coming soon) was so much fun to create!  I couldn't decide whether I wanted them to have real eyes or just the happy closed eyes for cutting purposes.  The real eyes are so tiny that I wasn't sure that they would cut very well so I got on my cameo and started cutting.  Just as I suspected, the real eyes were way too small to be able to cut all of the details on them so I decided it was best to give my tiny, happy couple some closed, happy eyes instead :)  This makes it much easier to cut and assemble and gives them an innocently elated look that I just adore and I hope you do too!

Perfect for that spring or summer wedding shower you will most certainly be invited to.  This card only took me 20 minutes to make and will add a perfect "homemade, full of love" touch to my cousin's bridal shower gift this spring :)

Here is the Bride and Groom set that is now for sale in my store.  Click the image to go there and pick yours up today!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and that your hearts are inspired to do amazing things!

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